Lessons Learned

It was a semester where I want to learn from my mistakes, forget about it and look forward.

After a year of co-op, I was so excited to go back to the classrooms again!  To “express” that excitement, I registered myself in six courses – one more than the usual five.  Based on some calculations, which I found out was wrong today, I thought six was the minimum for me to graduate in time.

However, reality proved that taking six courses while living on my own was apparently too much for me…  Maybe better time management could have helped, but I think in this case, planning and reality check were as far more important.

Here, I have to apologize to the Tasktopians, who taught me everything about setting a work-in-progress (WIP) limit, which I also spent days implementing.  Yet, when I needed it the most, I didn’t use it.

So now, with my correct calculations and a refined WIP limit, I have reduced my course load back to five for next term.   Hopefully, I can minimize the damage and recover my GPA back to a level high enough for my graduate school application next year.

Updating to iOS 5

It’s been a couple of weeks in which the world has focused on Apple – the passing of Steve Jobs, the release of iPhone 4S, the new iOS – iOS 5.

“Hidden” Features

Here are some of the new features that impressed me the most but haven’t been widely promoted:

  • Built-in dictionary, 
  • Improved Chinese Pinyin input method, 
  • Faster response when starting re-ordering apps, 
  • Syncing without locking screen, 
  • Simultaneous updating multiple apps.

Update Process

The updating process almost went without hiccups, until I was going to bed and unplugged the device while it’s “restoring music and videos”.  There was no warning message about do not unplug, and I foolishly thought it was doing it over the Wi-Fi.  iTunes tried to continue the restoring process but more and more errors came up.  Eventually, I sorted out  all the problems and lost data and my iPod Touch continues to be an important part of my daily life.

Preview:  I am planning on buying the new iPhone 4S, so more on that later!  Update 10/16: An interesting article making me reconsidering my options: http://news.cnet.com/8301-13924_3-20120919-64/steve-jobs-last-big-project-the-next-iphone/


Not by the Vancouver Canucks of course, despite the bitter ending to a great Stanley Cup run in Game 7, what they had was a great season, and fans are thankful for them.  The real embarrassment to all Vancouverites is what happened afterwards on streets in downtown Vancouver.  Cars are set on fire, Bruins fans are injured and riot police have to be deployed.  Things are just getting worse and worse right now.

This is not what real sport fans do.  Real sport fans enjoy watching the competition and celebrate victories or even defeat at the end of a great season, peacefully.  Trouble makers are simply waiting for an opportunity, win or lose.  After the Lakers won the NBA championship in 2009, same thing happened in LA, though I thought that would never happen in Vancouver…

Pictures on TV right now is just disgraceful.  With so many cameras on the ground, there is plenty of video evidence to go through for the Vancouver Police, and I hope those people will be held accountable for their actions.

ONE win away!

The Vancouver Canucks are now ONE WIN AWAY from winning the Stanley Cup!

It’s been another roller-coaster series.  Two thrilling games in Vancouver to put the Canucks ahead 2-0 going to Boston, where the Bruins dominated the games by outscoring a combined 12-1.  Just like the series against the Blackhawks, the Canucks bounced back on home ice with an important win!

Going back to Boston, Game 6 will be another tough battle for Vancouver.  The Canucks got better in eliminations games from series to series, so hopefully they will shake off the bad experience in Boston and play their best game!

As the Canucks advancing through the playoffs, more and more people “jump on the bandwagon” and come to downtown to cheer for the Canucks.  The city closed down a section of a major road to set up four big screens for the huge crowd.  I visited there one day after work and snapped some pictures:

Canucks fan zone on Georgia Street Continue reading