Honour Roll & Super G

Honour Roll & Super G
Quotation :
"On behalf of McNair Secondary School, I would like to congratulate Mike for achieving Honour Roll status with an average of 80% or higher.  Also, we congratulate Mike for receiving "Good" Work Habits in each course.  We have acknowledged the ability, effort and commitment of all such outstanding students by posting their names on the Honour Roll and as members of the "Super G Club".  In addition to this, we wanted to let each student’s family have a chance to recognize this achievement at home.

Since the primary purpose of school is learning, it is important to acknowledge students who demonstrate their strong potential to learn and grow by applying themselves and excelling in their achievement during their school years.  We are proud of Mike and send congratulations and best wishes for continued academic success at McNair.


Ms. R. Sebellin

Principal"   (the Letter From School)



3 thoughts on “Honour Roll & Super G

  1. Amanda says:


  2. Rebecca says:

    哇!! 我也有收到說!! 超喜歡學校用的淺藍色信封跟信紙的!! ^^ 剛收到的時候還以為自己做錯什麼事勒…

  3. Rebecca says:

    THX ^O^

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