some poem by me



A bask’tball brings me a brilliant fair’land,

It flies to sky with the wing of my wish,

Draws a rainbow in both air and mind, and

Goes into the basket with the nets’ swish.

He’s a herald having us all covered,

Carrying our friendship we are all proud,

He jumps all the time for being honoured

Never gets tired until cheers with the crowd.

Bask’tball always creates a world of mirth,

Scoring a basket will become my fever,

Being a fan of a team with great worth,

Yell in the street as they triumph over.

So long as I can breathe, my eyes can see,

I want you to enjoy bask’tball with me.

A long bridge can join
two world on both sides of river,
one is new for you.
Conerete Poetry:
I come from sky with my light face, followed with my roaring, and disappear from your amazement.

2 thoughts on “some poem by me

  1. 小小 says:


  2. Elizabeth says:

    hw s canada? 你应该已经适应那边了吧~~space的背景音乐真的很好听 叫什么名字啊?

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