Last Day before Spring Break

Another Spring Break!  Today was my first time to be a tutor, and my first time to make money:$40.00, which = ¥263.53 (prepayed 4 times – $10/hour).

65 for Kobe, Lakers WIN

Lakers down by 7 with 1:53 left in the 4th, Kobe’s hands started to go even hotter on his incredible shooting performance: 3 consecutive 3-point shots tie the game in regulation.

44 seconds left in OT, tie game, Kobe spin, fake, spin, shoot->3-point again!

Lakers finally end their 7-game losing streak…

Kobe 23/39 from the field, 8/12 from "downtown", 11/12 on the line, 65 points – the second highest-scoring game of Bryant’s career, and also 7 rebs & 3 assists.  He played 49:58 in this 53-minute game!

"The Lakers were trailing 31-27 when Bryant stripped the ball from Brandon Roy, who immediately fouled Bryant to prevent a breakaway. Bryant shot it anyway from about five feet behind the midcourt line – and it went in to the delight of the sellout crowd."


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