Playoffs Start!

Lakers vs. Suns; | a rematch from last year!
Lakers are so close to steal Game 1
A blowout lost in Game 2
Great Team Effort gives them a win in Game 3
Again! Lakers forget how to play Defense in Game 4
They played well for pride, but still eliminated in Game 5 

Canucks vs. Stars; |  Luongo – MVP
‘Nucks send Stars back to their farms in Texas after the WIN in Game 7
Anaheim welcome Canucks with full energy in a big blowout win
Their third OT win in playoffs gives them the home court advantage again
They lose a close games, and then blow a 2-0 lead before a heartBREAKing in OT at home; trailing 3-1 heading south for Game 5
A absolutely bizarre goal ends Canucks season
Rockets vs. Jazz;  | No question Rockets are gonna win this series 
T-Mac exploded in the 2nd half of Game 1, leading 2-0 head to Salt Lake City
Jazz ties the series at 2-2 on their home court
Rockets WIN the pivotal Game 5; lose thrillingly in Game 7

Raptors vs. Nets.  | Best year for Raptors
NJ steals game 1; Toronto comes right back at Game 2; not enough playoffs experience – down 3-1; send the series back to NJ after a win; that’s all for the Raptors this season.
And that’s all for my favorite teams in 06-07 season.
Virginia Tech04-16-07

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