7 is my lucky number.  It’s not for most of the Chinese people, but it’s for a lot of Americans.  And 7-7-07 is once-a-life experience, unless I could live for 116 years (I hope I could), and that would be twice.

24-hour Live Earth concert, it’s unbelievably long, but how much will it really help to solve globe-warming?

NBA Summer League is underway.  Those young players are trying so hard to get into NBA, and Team China (without Yao) is not at the same level as NBA teams.  Couple highlights: Yi Jianlian blocked a shot and then slam dunked on the other end; a Celt made a 90-footer! 



One thought on “07-07-07

  1. Unknown says:

    mike, i\’m coming
    u\’r so lucky…

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