Celebration of Light 2007

This year’s celebration of light features Team Spain, Team Canada, Team China, and the Celebration Finale.  Team China did a pretty good job last year, but they wasn’t able to impress the judges over Team Mexico.  This year, they choose the theme music from The Time Machine instead of traditional Chinese music, so hope they will win. If there’s no major change of plans, I’ll be there for all four shows.

I’ll update photos, which is on the top right-hand corner, after each show.  Enjoy!

Update: didn’t have enough batteries during Team China’s performance, so I missed some great scenes.

Update 2: This is it for 2007.  I’ve been to all four shows, and I strongly believe that China had the best performance, although Canada was the “official winner”.  I had the most fun in the last day, on which we had picnic with some friends from my mom’s and we built some dams to defend from the high tide.


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