Six years have passed; one more to go

I’ll never forget the night of July 13, 2001, when Beijing won the bid to host the 2008 Summer Olympic Games.  Before that, I prayed, I got so nervous.  And now, I can still picture that moment, feel that moment of Samaranch announcing the result.  That piece of voice will never get out of my mind.

Six years later, Beijing has changed a lot.  I, graduated from middle school, went to one of the best high school in China, have moved to Vancouver one and a half years ago.  Now, watching people in Beijing celebrating one-year countdown makes me really want to be there.  Despite all the bad news I’ve heard here, I’ll always love Beijing, cuz it’s always my home city.

One year from now, I should be back there.  And hopefully, I could be a volunteer for my own Olympic Games.

There’s no other reason to write this other than celebrating another historic moment.


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