It’s the left one this time.

Last time, about six months ago, I sprained my right ankle.  Yesterday, the same thing happened again.  And this time, it was my left ankle.  The story was pretty stupid: I didn’t wear basketball shoes during the basketball tryout.  And then when I attempt a lay-up, I rolled my ankle while I was taking off.  I did make the basket though.

Then I was able to walk home by myself.  But today it just gets worse, more painful, and I couldn’t walk anymore.  Only hopping.  I went to the hospital this morning just to make sure the bones are ok.  And it took me THREE hours to get three x-ray images.  Very “efficient”!

Right now, more ice and more rest.  Hope I can go to school tomorrow.

Ankle injury in Basketball – typical…



3 thoughts on “It’s the left one this time.

  1. Unknown says:

    hope you can get well soon.

  2. 明安 Mike says:

    thank you!

  3. Unknown says:

    Waiting for your flight back to China.回来打球来,我们会锯你的 

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