Not a bad start

Time passes so fast – it’s already the first interim!  Luckily I’ve finished three grade 12 courses already, I now have some time to find colleges, which I should have done last year.  Mark-wise, so far so good: three 100%, a 99%, a 97%, English is also above 80%.  I hope to keep those 100%’s as long as I can.  As for SAT, I really have little time for it.  Less than 40 days before the test, I basically don’t know anything about it yet: math is so easy, English is so the opposite.

Kobe’s situation is so unpredictable.  Bulls or Lakers?  Sore knee or injured wrist?  And what is the Buss family thinking?  No clue at all…

NBA Live 08 is once again full of bugs.  I thought EA could make some major improvements this year, instead, Live 08 disappoints everyone who wants a good upgrade from Live 07.



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