Shortest day of the year, not a bad day

Last day of school before winter break is finally here.  Although the college application process is still rolling, most of the assignments from school have come to a conclusion.  Physics project dominated the competition, won 4 awards out of 5: Best Picture, Best Directing/Editing, Best Special Effects and Best Sound Effects.  The result of economics test was quite a surprise – 40 out of 37, best in class, considering I didn’t study for it at all while busy working on the video project.  Law test was OK; calculus test was perfect (finally…); physics should be over 100% now.  The only setback was the result of SAT reasoning test, which could dramatically drops my chance of going to US.  So overall, not a bad way to finish the year of 2007.

As for college applications, I still have 5 essays and a couple of short answers to work on.  It’s not gonna be an easy holiday season when you think about the 3 SAT subject tests in January and a TOFEL test sometime in early February.

There’s always something to cheer about during holiday seasons.  Before going to the dentist, which a mentally painful experience, I got an early Christmas gift – a Lakers cap, from my mom.  I wish Santa would come tomorrow night with more surprises.

Holiday tradition in Lakers Nation continues: Lakers vs. Suns at Staples Center on Christmas Day.   It has been a surprising season so far for the Lakers, especially the combo of Andrew and Jordan.  Kobe, who just reached 20,000 career point a few minutes ago, is still playing impressively night in and night out.

Wow, I didn’t expect I can write this much, but it has been two months since my last post and so many things has happened in the last two busy months.  Now I gotta start writing the essays, and try to finished as much as I can before Christmas Eve.

Merry Christmas and have a happy holiday everyone.



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