First two months of 2008

What a bad time to have a cold!  When I woke up on the day of the TOEFL, my throat was hurting me so much!  And along with sleepiness, I couldn’t read into the test at the beginning, and then I just blew the speaking part.  Fortunately, I felt I did well on the writing part.  Hope everything will be better than what I thought it would be.

This is my first blog since a long time.  It has been a busy 2008 so far.  I’ve battled with ETS for the third time until yesterday, and there’s another one coming on in May (AP Calculus).  I had a wonderful night at the winter formal. 

I am really surprised and amazed by the No.1 team in the west – L.A. Lakers, and the dunks by Superman Howard.  O, btw, welcome to L.A. PAU GASOL!

This is probably the most exciting thing for me: a ticket to Beijing in July.  I’ll take a trip by MYSELF to Yunnan before exploring the city of BEIJING, though I can experience the new terminal 3 of PEK first.

But before all of that, I need to settle down thing here in Canada by continuing put in effort in study.

P.S. road test next week! yeah!


One thought on “First two months of 2008

  1. ropin says:

    coinsidently pass.  go rockets. go lakers

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