High School Valedictory Ceremony

As the Gaokao ends in China, I’ve graduated from high school in Canada.  The valedictory ceremony was held in Chan Center in UBC, the university I’ll attend next year.  After all this is only the high school graduation, I wasn’t too excited about it, although it was a pretty spectacular scene out there.  After I found out that I’ll receive a scholarship, I realized that there was still something worth waiting for.  The grand symphony and the humorous speeches kept me awake throughout the afternoon.  Getting up to the stage kept my brain from thinking about the hunger once and again.  The 1000-dollar scholarship wasn’t too bad neither at the end.

Finally, Congratulations to Class of 2008!!!  I’m gonna miss you all!!!

中国高考结束的同时,我也在加拿大毕业了。毕业典礼在我未来的大学UBC的Chan Center举行。毕竟只是高中毕业,心情并不是特别激动,不过场面倒是挺隆重的。当得知将获得奖学金时,才觉得接下来的三个小时还是有所期待的。雄壮的交响乐,幽默的演讲没能让我进入梦乡。一次次地上台让我忘记了饥饿。1000元的奖金不算很糟糕

第一次写双语Blog, 两个都写的不怎么样,请多多指教。


2 thoughts on “High School Valedictory Ceremony

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  2. MONTA says:

    路过的。。。。17岁就留学 ???很了不起……

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