Playoffs 2011

For a 7-year Lakers fan and 5-year Canucks fan, this playoffs season could turn out to be a very special one.

The two-time defending champions Los Angeles Lakers are looking for their second three-peat in a decade and the fourth three-peat for coach Phil Jackson in the final year of his coaching career.

Celebrating their 40th year in the NHL, the Vancouver Canucks finished first in the league in the regular season, breaking one record after another along the way.  Anticipation is high of the city.

History is on both team’s side:

  • For each Canadian city that hosted the Olympic Games, the city’s hockey team would win the Stanley Cup the next year. Vancouver hosted the Winter Games in 2010.
  • Lakers coach Phil Jackson have won 11 championships as a coach, and he has been winning them in groups of three’s: 91–93, 96–98, 00–02. Lakers have won the previous two NBA titles.

However, I doubt either team will reach the top without struggle.

  • Lakers barely finished in the second place in the west, so unlike the Canucks, they will potentially not have the home court advantage in both the Conference Finals and the NBA Finals.
  • For the third year in a row, the Canucks are facing the now defending champions Chicago Blackhawks, who ended Canucks’ run in the previous two meetings. #3venge

Injuries are troubling both teams as well, but they are becoming inspirations for the rest:

  • 3 of the 5 “Killer B’s” for the Lakers have either knee problem or chickenpox!
  • #WinItForManny on the Canucks side!

It will be a great couple months of sports to enjoy!  Let’s Go Lakers!  Go Canucks Go!


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