In the morning after the violence that shocked the locals and destroyed the city’s image around the world, evidences of destruction are not hard to find – shattered windows, stained walls and plywood window covers.
Bookstore after the riot

Shattered glass after the riot
But these evidences were being removed, quickly, thanks to an army of volunteers who brought brooms from their homes and came to the street to help clean up the city.

Vancouverite Clean Up the City

After work, the streets seemed to almost return to normal.  What replaced the violent images are the messages people wrote on pavements and on those plywood covering the store fronts.  People apologize to the world about what happened, question and condemn the actions of those trouble makers and show what our city is really like.



Dear World,
Sending Messages
Hudson Bay Company after Riot Cleanup

Yesterday, I was ashamed of the violence; today, I am proud of this city and its citizens.

City Thanks Volunteers

Update – June 17: Today after work, I spent more time walking around the Bay and read a few more messages among thousands of them that span three city blocks.  Those anonymous messages really speak for all of us, and they’ve now formed the “Great Wall of Vancouver”.   At the end, I found a little piece of real estate along the edge of one of the boards and wrote down a message of my own: “How we responded shows the true characteristics of our city!”


2 thoughts on “Proud!

  1. kerriwho says:

    congrats on yet another awesome blog, mike! will be following your adventures on here 🙂

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