Lessons Learned

It was a semester where I want to learn from my mistakes, forget about it and look forward.

After a year of co-op, I was so excited to go back to the classrooms again!  To “express” that excitement, I registered myself in six courses – one more than the usual five.  Based on some calculations, which I found out was wrong today, I thought six was the minimum for me to graduate in time.

However, reality proved that taking six courses while living on my own was apparently too much for me…  Maybe better time management could have helped, but I think in this case, planning and reality check were as far more important.

Here, I have to apologize to the Tasktopians, who taught me everything about setting a work-in-progress (WIP) limit, which I also spent days implementing.  Yet, when I needed it the most, I didn’t use it.

So now, with my correct calculations and a refined WIP limit, I have reduced my course load back to five for next term.   Hopefully, I can minimize the damage and recover my GPA back to a level high enough for my graduate school application next year.