In the morning after the violence that shocked the locals and destroyed the city’s image around the world, evidences of destruction are not hard to find – shattered windows, stained walls and plywood window covers.
Bookstore after the riot

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Not by the Vancouver Canucks of course, despite the bitter ending to a great Stanley Cup run in Game 7, what they had was a great season, and fans are thankful for them.  The real embarrassment to all Vancouverites is what happened afterwards on streets in downtown Vancouver.  Cars are set on fire, Bruins fans are injured and riot police have to be deployed.  Things are just getting worse and worse right now.

This is not what real sport fans do.  Real sport fans enjoy watching the competition and celebrate victories or even defeat at the end of a great season, peacefully.  Trouble makers are simply waiting for an opportunity, win or lose.  After the Lakers won the NBA championship in 2009, same thing happened in LA, though I thought that would never happen in Vancouver…

Pictures on TV right now is just disgraceful.  With so many cameras on the ground, there is plenty of video evidence to go through for the Vancouver Police, and I hope those people will be held accountable for their actions.